$102,000 Settlement for Employee Victim of Whistleblower Retaliation

A manager at a Los Angeles company open to the public blew the whistle by reporting dangerous and unlawful conditions. In retaliation, the employer piled work on the manager, including tasks from other departments. After a year of this treatment, the worn-down manager was forced to take medical leave.

Los Angeles Whistleblower Lawyer Cowan Obtains Results

When the manager tried to return to work with a doctor’s note, the employer did nothing. After months of radio silence, the company offered a small severance package.  The manager declined – at which point the company said the manager’s job no longer existed. It then offered either an entry-level job or the chance to interview for a job with a small portion of the manager’s former job (both with huge pay cuts). The manager declined these offers – and was fired.

The manager then hired Los Angeles and Beverly Hills employment trial lawyer Jeffrey Cowan. Mr. Cowan sued for retaliation under two California whistleblower statutes:  Labor Code Section 1102.5 and Labor Code Section 6310 (whistle-blowing about unlawful employer conduct or dangerous/unsafe job conditions).  He also asserted a claim for disability discrimination based on the employer’s failure to engage in a good faith interactive process (in violation of Government Code Section 12940(n)). An early mediation led to a $102,000 settlement.

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