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Los Angeles Sexual Battery Lawyers at the Cowan Law Firm in Santa Monica have significant experience litigating sexual battery and the resulting emotional distress and economic damages that can arise from these kinds of serious injuries.

Battery is a tort that occurs when someone touches you without permission and in a way that is harmful or offensive. Sexual battery is not only a kind of tort in California, but also a crime codified in Penal Code 243.4.

Los Angeles & Santa Monica Sexual Battery Litigation

If you have experienced unwanted touching, please contact our experienced legal team for help. We have assisted numerous clients in seeking justice so that they can begin to take back their lives.

For over 20 years, Santa Monica Civil Litigation Attorney Jeffrey Cowan has been resolving legal disputes while successfully winning many high dollar judgments and settlements for his clients.

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Contact the Cowan Law Firm and Sexual Battery Lawyer Jeffrey Cowan by calling 310-394-1420 to arrange for a confidential consultation. You will be able to discuss your case in detail with a highly experienced Civil Litigation Lawyer.

The Cowan Law Firm in Santa Monica serves clients in Los Angeles County and throughout the United States.

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